These are sample menus.  All menus are customized based on the needs of your group.

Falafel with cucumber salsa and pink pickled turnips

Chermoula eggplant fries with tahini sauce

Za'atar roasted zucchini with mint and pine nuts

Portobello gyros with tomato, red onion and cultured cashew tzatziki

Mediterranean green beans with olives and herbs

Quinoa tabouli

Hummus and GF focaccia

Provencal veggie terrine with cashew chevre

Tomato herb polenta fries

Blackberry beet salad with balsamic and shaved fennel

Cauliflower white bean salad with roasted red peppers and capers

Roasted butternut squash with romesco, pickled onions, toasted almonds and arugula

Thyme roasted carrots

Mushroom walnut pate with crostini and crudites

Curried roasted cauliflower with apple ginger chutney

Mujadara - Lebanese lentil and rice salad

Chickpea shawarma salad with carrot, celery, red peppers, mango, dried apricots and prunes, mint, cilantro and yellow curry vinaigrette

Roasted carrots on muhammara

Beet tomato salad with sumac, pomegranate molasses and lemon

Preserved lemon focaccia

Lemongrass tofu with pickled daikon and carrot and tons of herbs

Jungle style red curry butternut squash with carrot, cabbage and red onion

Steamed broccoli with crispy garlic and ginger bits

Summer roll salad with peanut coconut sauce

Chickpea mango salad

Thai watermelon salad with ginger, lime, roasted peanuts and Thai basil

Creamy broccoli soup with lemon and dill

Quinoa burgers with fennel apple chutney

Ginger mashed sweet potatoes

Roasted brussel sprouts on lemon kale

Green beans with garlic and ginger

Spinach salad with umeboshi pickled red cabbage, caramelized onions, toasted walnuts and apples

Chickpea tagine with butternut squash, red peppers, zucchini, dried apricots, prunes and preserved lemon

Curried rice pilaf with golden raisins and toasted almonds

Harissa roasted carrots with orange pistachio gremolata

Roasted eggplant with olive oil roasted tomatoes and grapes with dill, mint and cinnamon

Za'atar loaded cashew labneh with black sesame flatbread

Baby greens with fennel, orange, kalamata olives, pistachios, beets and orange dressing

Potatoes with walnut chorizo and roasted poblanos

Black beans with chipotle and thyme

Achiote jackfruit with citrus habanero pickled onions

Portobello fajitas

Spanish rice

Green salad with radishes, red cabbage, roasted peppers and corn, spiced pepitas, tortilla strips and avocado dressing

Fire roasted salsa, salsa verde, mango salsa, shredded cabbage, cashew cream, butternut queso, corn and flour tortillas, blue corn chips


Carrot ginger soup

Pineapple teriyaki tofu with grilled pineapple stir fry

Coconut jasmine rice

Asian marinated cucumbers

Sesame broccoli slaw

Green beans with toasted almonds and lemon miso dressing

Seared baby bok choy with kimchi and ginger

Chana dal with coconut mint chutney

Vegetable cashew korma with potato, carrot, cauliflower, peas and spinach

Mango chickpea curry with cultured cashew raita

South Indian green beans with coconut masala

Zucchini kofta with tomato masala sauce

Spiced basmati rice

Spring mix with garam masala roasted almonds, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved carrot and beet, golden raisins

   Lemon ginger rose dressing or avocado cucumber dressing

Veggie paella cakes with preserved lemon cashew aioli

Baby potatoes with tomato, olive oil, smoked paprika, walnut chorizo, pickled peppers and herbs

Spanish braised chickpeas with green olives and chard

Grilled eggplant on smoky black bean puree with thyme flatbread

Roasted asparagus with crispy shallots

Arugula, fennel and orange salad

Veggie chili

Butternut queso mac and cheese

Baked sweet potatoes with chive cashew cream

Sauteed broccolini with garlic chips

Seared romaine hearts with avocado crema, pico de gallo and crispy tortilla strips

Mexican street corn salad

Citrus jicama slaw


Vegan gluten free cookies - raspberry thumbprints, double chocolate orange, ginger molasses, chocolate chip coconut brazil nut, cranberry white chocolate lavender, chocolate chip blueberry, cardamom sugar cookie, matcha 

Salted pecan bars

Blackberry oat bars

Chocolate chip, olive oil, rosemary cake

Mexican chocolate cake with chocolate almond ganache

Vanilla cupcakes with berry compote

Strawberry apple almond crisp with coconut whipped cream

Spiced apple quince pies 



Breakfast and brunch- pick and choose


Continental options:

Coffee, teas, milks and sweeteners

Coconut pecan granola

Cultured cashew yogurt

Seasonal fruit platter

Juices and smoothies (such as carrot mango ginger turmeric, beet watermelon, pineapple celery kale grape, cold brew sunflower protein, banana cardamom maca protein)

Oatmeal bar- walnuts, raisins, dried fruit, fruit compote, coconut sugar, cinnamon

Toast and bagel bar- nut butters, assorted jams, cashew cream cheese, avocado, sprouts, tomato, cucumber

Muffins, scones, sweet breads, coffee cake


Hot dishes:

Veggie hash with red and sweet potatoes, red peppers, collard greens and tempeh

Quinoa polenta with ranchero sauce and black beans

Spanish tortilla with romesco sauce and asparagus

Breakfast taco and burrito bar

Grilled tofu on sauteed chard with salsa verde

Scrambled tofu in a chickpea crepe with pesto

Masala dosai

Homemade tempeh sausage with spelt biscuits and porcini gravy

Tomato herb polenta with roasted cherry tomatoes and sauteed greens