My fascination with world geography, history and cultures, my


Sicilian heritage and early call to vegetarianism have supported a


lifelong passion for food.  After working 12 years in a variety of


positions in the organic, natural foods scene, I founded balsamic


mercy in 2011 to provide catering for a vegetarian wedding.  Since


then I've catered a number of spiritual retreats including yoga,


meditation, breathwork, energy healing and more.  My team and I


have fed groups ranging from 8-800 people, and we pride ourselves


on handling the big numbers while still taking care of individual


needs.  Special diets, including gluten free, food allergies and


sensitivities are to be expected, and I've found my background in


natural foods enables me to come up with creative solutions. 

​Balsamic Mercy specializes in full service, multi day, onsite retreat catering.  We will travel to your sacred space; remote locations are no problem.  Though I've worked in cafes, restaurants and food coops, it's with catering that I've found my true culinary 'voice'.  Each meal is an opportunity to create a complete cultural experience.  As a lifelong vegetarian, I really get it, and can create beautiful, abundant and satisfying meatless meals for all types of discerning palates.  In addition to bountiful deliciousness, it is my sincere intention to help make it easier for you to do the spiritual work you came to do by ensuring the kitchen and dining area is a safe place where you can trust you'll be cared for and nourished.  Whether your group is focusing on intense internal or external work, I can customize a menu to support your goals.